November 19, 2009

Homework #31

Albert: The CEO's proposal to conduct free career seminars for high school students doesn't make much sense. Teenagers do not use our products, since they don't have enough extra spending money to buy luxury items.

Bill: I disagree. Anything we do to make the company look better can lead to us making more money in the long run. The good publicity we'll get from having these seminars will make us look very good to the general public. Good publicity, it has been proven, increases sales significantly.

Albert and Bill disagree about whether

A. the business has suffered from recent bad publicity.

B. the CEO's plan to offer career seminars to high school students makes financial sense for the company.

C. the publicity they get from the seminars will be good.

D. the advice given in the seminars will enable teenagers to buy the company's products.

E. teenagers would be more likely to buy the company's products if the company improved its public image.