November 18, 2009

Homework #30

Jacques Dessens, the food critic who writes for the magazine Dining Today, was wrong in his review of Fabri's restaurant. He criticized the cold strawberry soup because it contained cilantro and sun-dried tomatoes. But Fabri's roasted chicken dish contains cilantro and sun-dried tomatoes, and Mr. Dessens awarded that dish the highest rating possible. Clearly, such blatant inconsistency proves that Mr. Dessens is not qualified to be a food critic.

The argument above is based upon which of the following assumptions?

A. Some of Fabri's customers don't like the roasted chicken dish.

B. The evaluation of the cold strawberry soup should not suffer just because Mr. Dessens does not like some of the ingredients.

C. As flavor-enhancing ingredients, cilantro and sun-dried tomatoes are better for main courses than for appetizers.

D. Cilantro and sun-dried tomatoes enhance the flavor of the roasted chicken and the cold strawberry soup in essentially the same way.

E. Cilantro and sun-dried tomatoes are best used in chicken dishes that are not roasted.