November 2, 2009

Homework #24

The advantages of a college education are much too precious to waste on students who are not seriously dedicated to learning and studying. Administrators should strictly enforce the idea that students must earn the privilege of enrolling in college, and then must earn the privilege of staying there. Any student who fails a course should be immediately dismissed from the university, so that a more deserving student may take his place.

Which one of the following is the best rebuttal of the argument above?

A. A student should not be expected to fulfill college requirements unless he gets to choose the courses he wants to take.

B. The university may not have made the student fully aware of the demands of its curriculum and the intensity of study required.

C. To dismiss a student who fails a course is to place achievement over the student's individual right to an education.

D. Scholarship is only one of the possible contributions that a student might make to the university community.

E. A highly dedicated student may still fail a course for other reasons, which are unrelated to his dedication.