November 12, 2009

Homework #28

The Brooklyn Museum has a totem pole that was too tall to be stored in the museum's temperature-controlled storage vault. Fortunately, the totem pole can now be stored in the temperature-controlled vault thanks to the efforts of restoration artists, who have discovered a way to separate the pole into two parts for storage purposes. The artists' method allows the totem pole to be reassembled later without any noticeable change in its appearance.

The argument above depends on which of the following assumptions?

A. Neither of the two separated parts of the totem pole is too tall to fit into the vault.

B. The totem pole can be separated into two equal-sized parts.

C. The procedure for separating the two parts of the totem pole will not cost more than it would cost to replace the totem pole if it deteriorated.

D. Placing the two parts of the totem pole into the vault would not require them to remove other key artifacts from the vault.

E. The vault can be set to the proper temperature required to preserve totem pole.