October 16, 2009

Homework #17

Toy manufacturer: "The MegaBall rubber ball is very expensive to make. We should switch to a cheaper brand of rubber to make the MegaBall."

Marketing analyst: "But the MegaBall sells so well! People buy it because it bounces higher than any other ball. No other kind of rubber bounces that high. We should stick with what we know we can sell."

On which one of the following issues do the speakers above disagree?

A. Whether the rubber used to make the MegaBall is more expensive than other materials.

B. Whether the MegaBall sells as well as it is supposed to sell.

C. Whether the company should make the MegaBall from a different brand of rubber.

D. Whether they should consider what customers want before they make important business decisions.

E. Whether other rubber materials bounce as high as the rubber they are currently using to make the MegaBall.