October 7, 2009

Homework #15

A passenger vehicle is defined as any fully-enclosed four-wheeled vehicle with room for at least one other person besides the driver. A semi truck, though it does have enclosed room to transport one non-driving passenger, always has more than four wheels. A jeep, though it may have four wheels and enough room for a driver plus at least one passenger, is rarely fully enclosed. A postal van, though it may be enclosed and have four wheels, usually does not have room for any passengers other than the driver.

If all of the above statements are true, which one of the following MUST also be true?

A. If an automobile is neither a semi truck, nor a jeep, nor a postal van, then it is not a fully enclosed four-wheeled vehicle.

B. If an automobile is not a semi truck, or a jeep, or a postal van, then it must be a passenger vehicle.

C. If a jeep is fully enclosed with four wheels and room for non-driving passengers, then it is both a jeep and a passenger vehicle.

D. Postal vans are more like passenger vehicles than semi trucks are.

E. Some postal vans may be considered to be jeeps.