October 8, 2009

Homework #16

Harry became very frustrated with what a disorganized mess his baseball card collection had become. Sensing Harry's frustration, Harry's brother Archie suggested that Harry organize the cards in a display album, containing special pages to showcase his most valuable cards. Harry went to the store and then looked online for an album he could use. However, none of the albums he found had special showcase pages that were big enough to hold all of his cards. So he told Archie, "That was a stupid suggestion."

Which of the following assumptions has Harry made in dismissing Archie's recommendation?

A. Larger showcase display albums produced in the past were big enough to hold all of Harry's cards.

B. Albums without showcase pages are never as effective for organizing baseball cards as are albums that do have showcase pages.

C. Any album large enough to hold all of Harry's cards would contain enough special showcase pages to display all of his most valuable cards.

D. Harry's baseball card collection would not be well-organized if it were displayed in more than one showcase album.

E. Harry's baseball card collection is a mess because he has more cards now than he did last year.