October 6, 2009

Homework #14

Due to a rash of behavior problems among a particular group of high school students, the principal has canceled all school extracurricular activities for the next month. The organizers of a pep rally, which is scheduled to take place two weeks from now, have made the case that their event should be allowed. They have argued that the increase in school spirit brought about by the pep rally will bond everyone together, which in turn will result in fewer behavior problems in school in the future.

The organizers of the pep rally assume which one of the following in making their argument?

A. The principal did not intend to cancel the pep rally along with the other activities.

B. The students with behavior problems will be participating in the pep rally.

C. No other activities besides the pep rally should be allowed to take place during the next month, unless it can be shown that such activities will "bond everyone together."

D. A pep rally is the most effective type of extracurricular activity to deal with the problem of bad behavior in school.

E. The principal will allow other canceled events to take place once she sees the positive effect that the pep rally will have on the students.