December 7, 2009

Homework #40

During exam periods, cookie sales in the school cafeteria are high. Cookies are selling well in the cafeteria today, so it must be exam time.

Which one of the following is logically most similar to the argument above?

A. Logical thinking is enough to ensure success in the computer programming field. But none of my friends are computer programmers, so they must all be illogical.

B. Someone who thinks logically can become a computer programmer. David thinks very logically, so he can become an excellent computer programmer.

C. Skill in thinking logically is one guarantee of success at computer programming; a degree from a prestigious technical school like M.I.T. is another.

D. A computer programmer must be able to think logically. Rob is a very logical person, so he must be a computer programmer.

E. Computer programmers are always able to solve logic problems. None of the students can solve logic problems, so none of them are computer programmers.