December 2, 2009

Homework #37

A student at any college within the CUNY system is permitted and encouraged to take classes at other CUNY schools when they complement the offerings of his home institution. For example, a student enrolled at Brooklyn College can take a class at Queens College, Hunter College, College of Staten Island, etc. Please note, however, that the final determination of credits earned and requirements satisfied remains with the student's own academic dean at his own school, even if the other school where he takes the class has a different policy. In other words, a student enrolled at Brooklyn College who takes a class at Queens College has to meet the requirements of Brooklyn College, even if Queens College's requirements are different. The rules governing a student's course of study depend solely on the institution in which he is officially enrolled, not on his physical presence in any given classroom.

The above policy statement implies that

A. any student admitted to a CUNY school will be allowed to officially enroll at another CUNY school.

B. a college may exclude a student enrolled in the CUNY system from its non-academic programs.

C. each college's Admissions Office is the sole judge of who is eligible to attend its classes.

D. students are not required to follow rules of conduct established by colleges at which they are not enrolled.

E. a student's academic dean at his own school can refuse to accept course credits for classes the student has taken at a different CUNY school.