December 1, 2009

Homework #36

For exactly ten years, it has been against the law to bungee-jump in New York State. All members of the Rubberband Club must live in New York State, and must have bungee-jumped at least once in the last two years. The Rubberband Club is currently taking applications for new members.

Which one of the following necessarily follows from the information presented above?

A. Every current member of the Rubberband Club has bungee-jumped outside of New York.

B. No one currently applying for membership in the Rubberband Club has legally bungee-jumped in New York.

C. The current members of the Rubberband Club have bungee-jumped illegally at least once.

D. Current members of the Rubberband Club who have never bungee-jumped outside of New York have broken the law in New York.

E. The Rubberband Club does not include any members who have bungee-jumped legally in New York.